Lead Generation

Quality leads to feed your hungry sales team.

We power inbound marketing programs that generate qualified leads and nurture sales opportunities. We build vetting and nurturing systems to ensure that our clients can scale up their marketing and sales efforts intelligently.

We focus on the following metrics:

  • Leads generated per month
  • Sales qualified leads per month
  • Sales opportunities from leads
  • Conversion rates from marketing

In most companies, the marketing team will generate a bunch of leads and send them over to the sales team for follow-up and prospecting, and a percentage of them will become opportunities and customers. If you are facing a lead generation dry spell this is probably a good course of action.

However, if you have plenty of leads flowing in at the top of the funnel, you are probably inundating your sales team with a lot of low-quality leads that end up wasting their time. While your sales reps may want to hoard a ton of leads, one must remember to use Obi-wan’s Jedi mind trick that would play out something like this:

“These aren’t the leads you are looking for. You can close more deals with fewer, higher quality leads. Move along!” And your sales reps move along, call fewer leads and close more business!

The reality is fewer, better quality leads (i.e. sales-ready leads) will help sales reps be more productive as they will have more relevant conversations and in general, be able to help solve genuine problems faced by their leads and prospects. Getting the highest quality leads into the sales team’s hands produces a higher yield on marketing leads and overall higher ROI.

Contact EGO today and see how we can help you drive quality leads to your hungry sales team.

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